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GGZ Handbook

For the GGZ (Dutch Association of Mental Health and Addiction Care) my dad and I made an information webpage in html format. This webpage was optimized for both desktop and mobile usage. Making this website has helped me learn how to make optimized websites. (Github)

HTML and css

Time : 1 day


Various Internship activities

For my internship at the Royal Netherlands Army I did various projects that I cannot show due to NDA. Most of them were done in Unity Engine. I also learned to work with VBS3 and Oxygen 2. VBS3 stands for Virtual Battlegrounds, which is used for armies over the world. My task was making vehicles and buildings work in VBS3. Oxygen 2 is the modelling software for VBS3. And lastly I also assisted with Steelbeasts Pro tranings. Steelbeast Pro is a realistic simulation game used by armies. My task was to carry out various scenarios.